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Experimental mathematics and visualization projects

Compact CMC surfaces Examples with low genus
Discrete CMC surfaces A numerical algorithm
Discrete surfaces (1) Discrete CMC surfaces by the DPW-method
Discrete surfaces (2) Darboux transformations of discrete isothermic surfaces

Painleve Functions in Differential Geometry Some Applications in Classical Surface Theory

Affine Spheres The DPW-method applied to Affine Spheres

Discrete curves (1) Bäcklund transformations for discrete curves
Discrete curves (2) Doubly discrete smoke ring flow
Discrete curves (3) Discrete elastic curves and spinning tops
Geodesics and waves on piecewise linear surfaces

Software development
Branched texture maps on arbitrary surfaces
Mathematical information system Efficient sharing, search, retrieval, registration and re-purposing of DMDs
Hierarchical triangulations Multi-parameter families of geometries
Oorange Visualization system for experimental mathematics

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