Known bugs/missing features





known bugs


At the momnet the following bugs are known. If you recognize any strange behaviour please contact me.

  • The magnifier does not move on Netscape Windows
  • Mac users will need Apple's mrj and MS Internet Explorer (I was reported that Netscape now can se the mrj too, but I could not verify this up to now)
  • makeGif.pl fails in some cases.
  • InternetExplorer Windows: In very few cases IE starts not showing all characters any more and then throws exeptions. This is due to the fact that IE can not handle a large number of open Images plus IE does not kill any unused applets while it will start a new copy of the applets every time a page is (re)visited. The only workaround up to now is to restart IE.

The following features are under development:

  • Export mode: jDvi will copy all necessary files to a directory you specify.
  • OpenMath support: make formulas that where generated form OpenMath sources "clickable" (alpha versin works)
  • Fullscreen presentation mode
  • more buttons