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jDvi is a viewer for TeX's generic output format known as dvi. jDvi is written in JAVA. It comes as an application and as an applet to place dvi files on the web. Besides the core functionality it

  • knows hyperlinks (inner document and external) as provided by the LaTeX hyperref package
  • renders color just like dvips
  • places gifs or jpeg images for PostScript figures
  • can place JAVA applets in a similar way than figures.
  • has a scribble mode that allows to make annotations to the document. The application can even save them.

For a complete list of features see the documentation.

jDvi is free software. The source code is available in the download section

New features and bug fixes

  • The jDvi source code is now available under the GPL. in the downloads section.
  • Fixed a bug in the parsing of the pagesize special when mm where used
  • jDvi can now be started directly from the jar archive via " java -jar jDvi.jar dvifile.dvi "
  • jDvi has been reported to work on Psion Series 5mx Pro handhelds
  • Xpert mode (like xdvi) that hides the buttons via key (x) or property
  • fixed broken external links that contain "="
  • new property jdvi.initial.zoom lets you specify the initial zoom in dpi
  • new properties jdvi.frame.width jdvi.frame.height let you set the initial size of jDvi's window

If you intend to use jDvi feel free to contact me (just that I know that there are users).

related software:

IDVI -great dvi file viewer applet by Garth A. Dickie

javaview - an applet to do 3D graphics online - and much more.

demos - Papers that use jDvi (and show that jDvi can open a seperate frame too)