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(550) Olalla Castro-Alvaredo, Andreas Fring:
From integrability to conductance, impurity systems
preprint550.ps.gz (629 kB)
(549) Ruedi Seiler:
6. Milleniumproblem: Navier-Stokes Gleichungen
Elemente der Mathematik
preprint549.ps.gz (1326 kB)
(548) Thomas Friedrich:
On Types of non-integrable geometries
preprint548.ps.gz (79 kB)
(547) H. Babujian, M. Karowski:
Sine-Gordon breather form factors and quantum field equations
preprint547.ps.gz (99 kB)
(546) Martin Ulrich Schmidt:
A proof of the Willmore conjecture
preprint546.ps.gz (741 kB)
(545) Alexander I. Bobenko and Boris A. Springborn:
Variational principles for circle patterns and Koebe's theorem
preprint545.ps.gz (139 kB)
(544) Evgeni Korotyaev and Igor V. Krasovsky:
Spectral estimates for periodic Jacobi matrices
preprint544.ps.gz (169 kB)
(543) Helga Baum and Ines Kath:
Doubly Extended Lie Groups - Curvature, Holonomy and Parallel Spinors
preprint543.ps.gz (151 kB)
(542) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring and F. Göhmann:
On the absence of simultaneous reflection and transmission in integrable impurity systems
preprint542.ps.gz (105 kB)
(541) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo and A. Fring:
Finite temperature correlation functions from form factors
preprint541.ps.gz (232 kB)
(540) E. Korotyaev, A. Pushnitski:
Trace formulae and high energy asymptotics for Stark operator
preprint540.ps.gz (111 kB)
(539) P. Kargaev, E. Korotyaev:
Conformal mappings and entire functions with real zeros
preprint539.ps.gz (191 kB)
(538) D. Chelkak, P. Kargaev, E. Korotyaev:
Inverse Problem for Anharmonic Oscillator: I, Uniqueness
preprint538.ps.gz (97 kB)
(537) Agricola, I.:
Connections on naturally reductive spaces, their Dirac operator and homogeneous models in string theory
preprint537.ps.gz (188 kB)
(536) Helga Baum:
Conformal Killing spinors and special geometric structures in Lorentzian geometry - a survey
preprint536.ps.gz (106 kB)
(535) Klaus-Dieter Kirchberg:
A relation between the Ricci tensor and the spectrum of the Dirac operator
preprint535.ps.gz (93 kB)
(534) Thomas Friedrich:
Spin(9)-structures and connections with totally skew-symmetric torsion
preprint534.ps.gz (63 kB)
(533) A. Bovier, M. Eckhoff, V. Gayrard, M. Klein:
Metastability and Low Lying Spectra in Reversible Markov Chains
preprint533.ps.gz (699 kB)
(532) Andrei G. Bytsko:
On integrable Hamiltonians for higher spin XXZ chain
preprint532.ps.gz (126 kB)
(531) Artur Sergyeyev:
On sufficient conditions of locality for hierarchies of symmetries of evolution systems.
preprint531.ps.gz (81 kB)
(530) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring:
Mutually local fields from form factors
preprint530.ps.gz (72 kB)
(529) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring:
Unstable particles versus resonances in impurity systems, conductance in quantum wires
preprint529.ps.gz (281 kB)
(528) A. Sergyeyev:
Towards classification of conditionally integrable evolution systems
preprint528.ps.gz (117 kB)
(527) Thomas Friedrich, Stefan Ivanov:
Killing spinor equations in dimension 7 and geometry of integrable G_2-manifolds
preprint527.ps.gz (74 kB)
(526) Detlef Lehmann:
Exact Diagonalization of the Fractional Quantum Hall Many-Body Hamiltonian In The Lowest Landau Level
preprint526.ps.gz (90 kB)
(525) V. Enss, V. Kostrykin, R. Schrader:
Energy Transfer in Scattering by Rotating Potentials
To appear in the Proceedings of the Workshop on Spectral and Inverse Problems for Schr"{o}dinger Operators, Goa, India, December 14 -20, 2000.
preprint525.ps.gz (54 kB)
(524) K. Polthier, S. Khadem, E. Preuss, U. Reitebuch:
Publication of Interactive Visualizations with JavaView
Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics, Eds: J. Borwein, M. Morales, K. Polthier, J.F. Rodrigues, Springer Verlag 2001
preprint524.ps.gz (1728 kB)
(523) Th. Friedrich, S. Ivanov:
Almost contact manifolds and type II string equations
preprint523.ps.gz (95 kB)
(522) H. Babujian, M. Karowski:
The "Bootstrap Program" for Integrable Quantum Field Theories in 1+1 Dim
preprint522.ps.gz (85 kB)
(521) A. I. Bobenko, Yu. B. Suris:
Integrable systems on quad-graphs
preprint521.ps.gz (142 kB)
(520) Artur Sergyeyev:
On integrability of a class of block-triangular evolution systems
preprint520.ps.gz (130 kB)
(519) F. Witt:
Conformal properties of harmonic spinors and lightlike geodesics in signature (1,1)
Jour. Geom. Phys.
preprint519.ps.gz (239 kB)
(518) M. Joswig:
Projectivities in Simplicial Complexes and Colorings of Simple Polytopes
preprint518.ps.gz (97 kB)
(517) M. Joswig, K. Polthier:
EG-Models - A New Journal for Digital Geometry Models
Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics, Eds: J. Borwein, M. Morales, K. Polthier, J.F. Rodrigues, Springer Verlag 2001
preprint517.ps.gz (765 kB)
(516) A. I. Bobenko, T. Hoffmann:
Hexagonal Circle Patterns and Integrable Systems. Patterns with Constant Angles.
preprint516.ps.gz (482 kB)
(515) A. G. Bytsko, M. Karowski:
Low dimensional integrable models and their applications in field theory and statistical physics
preprint515.ps.gz (755 kB)
(514) Bogdan Alexandrov:
Hyper-Hermitian quaternionic Kaehler manifolds
preprint514.ps.gz (103 kB)
(513) B. Ponsot, J. Teschner:
Clebsch-Gordan and Racah-Wigner coefficients for a continuous series of representations of $U_q(sl(2,R))$.
preprint513.ps.gz (157 kB)
(512) J. Teschner:
Liouville Theory Revisited
preprint512.ps.gz (275 kB)
(511) O. A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring:
Decoupling the $SU (N)_2$-homogeneous Sine-Gordon model
preprint511.ps.gz (329 kB)
(510) O. A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring:
Form factors from free fermionic Fock fields, the Federbush model
preprint510.ps.gz (152 kB)
(509) S. Ya. Jitomirskaya, I. V. Krasovsky:
Continuity of the measure of the spectrum for discrete quasiperiodic operators
preprint509.ps.gz (107 kB)
(508) J. Hoppe:
Membranes and Matrix Models
No PostScript version available
(507) A. Sergyeyev:
On homogeneous symmetries for evolution systems with constraints.
preprint507.ps.gz (103 kB)
(506) H. Babujian, M. Karowski:
Exact form factors in integrable quantum field theories: the sine-Gordon model (II)
preprint506.ps.gz (170 kB)
(505) X. Ma, G. Marinescu:
The $Spin^C$ Dirac Operator on High Tensor Powers of a Line Bundle
preprint505.ps.gz (114 kB)
(504) V. Kostrykin, R. Schrader:
Statistical Ensembles and Density of States
No PostScript version available
(503) Th. Friedrich, K.-D. Kirchberg:
Eigenvalue estimates for the Dirac operator depending on the Weyl tensor
preprint503.ps.gz (76 kB)
(502) A. I. Bobenko, T. Hoffmann, Yu. B. Suris:
Hexagonal circle patterns and integrable systems: Patterns with the multi-ratio property and Lax equations on the regular triangular lattice
preprint502.ps.gz (299 kB)
(501) Yuri B. Suris:
Integrable discretizations of some cases of the rigid body dynamics
preprint501.ps.gz (114 kB)

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