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(500) Pablo Ramacher:
Geometric and Analytic Properties of Families of Hypersurfaces in Eguchi-Hanson Space
preprint500.ps.gz (258 kB)
(499) Vitaly V. Balashchenko:
Invariant nearly Kaehler f-structures on homogeneous spaces
preprint499.ps.gz (84 kB)
(498) Thomas Friedrich, Klaus-Dieter Kirchberg:
Eigenvalue estimates of the Dirac operator depending on the Ricci tensor
preprint498.ps.gz (106 kB)
(497) O. A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring:
Constructing Infinite Particle Spectra
preprint497.ps.gz (568 kB)
(496) Florin Alexandru Belgun:
Automorphism Groups Of Normal CR 3-Manifolds
preprint496.ps.gz (121 kB)
(495) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring:
Scaling functions from q-deformed Virasoro characters
preprint495.ps.gz (335 kB)
(494) Andreas Fring:
Thermodynamic Bethe ansatz and form factors for the homogeneous sine-Gordon models
preprint494.ps.gz (186 kB)
(493) H. Babujian, M. Karowski:
The Form Factors and Quantum Equation of Motion in the sine-Gordon Model
preprint493.ps.gz (85 kB)
(492) Thomas Friedrich and Stefan Ivanov:
Parallel spinors and connections with skew-symmetric torsion in string theory
preprint492.ps.gz (153 kB)
(491) W. Klingenberg and J. Stalker:
Conformal Reparametrization of a Free Boundary Flow in 2D Hydrodynamics
preprint491.ps.gz (57 kB)
(490) D. Ferus, K. Leschke, F. Pedit, U. Pinkall:
Quaternionic Holomorphic Geometry: Plücker Formula, Dirac Eigenvalue Estimates and Energy Estimates of Harmonic 2-Tori
preprint490.ps.gz (201 kB)
(489) V. Kostrykin and R. Schrader:
Regularity of the Density of Surface States
preprint489.ps.gz (46 kB)
(488) Wlodzimierz Jelonek:
Positive Twistor Bundle Of A Kaehler Surface
preprint488.ps.gz (85 kB)
(487) V. Kostrykin and R. Schrader:
The Generalized Star Product and the Factorization of Scattering Matrices on Graphs
preprint487.ps.gz (131 kB)
(486) Thomas Leistner:
Lorentzian manifolds with special holonomy and parallel spinors
preprint486.ps.gz (154 kB)
(485) Jochen Brüning:
The Resolvent Expansion on Singular Spaces
preprint485.ps.gz (121 kB)
(484) Konrad Polthier and Wayne Rossman:
Discrete Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces and their Index
preprint484.ps.gz (902 kB)
(483) Pawel Nurowski and Jerzy F. Plebanski:
Non-vacuum twisting type N metrics
preprint483.ps.gz (76 kB)
(482) W. Ballmann, J. Brüning:
On the Spectral Theory of Manifolds with Cusps
preprint482.ps.gz (134 kB)
(481) Organized by Sonderforschungsbereich 288, Volker Bach, Jochen Brüning, Georg Lang, and Bianca Toltz:
Proceedings of the International Conference on Differential Geometry and Quantum Physics Berlin, March 6-10, 2000
preprint481.ps.gz (248 kB)
(480) Udo Hertrich-Jeromin:
A nonstandard analysis characterization of submanifolds in Euclidean space
preprint480.ps.gz (68 kB)
(479) Yuri B. Suris:
The problem of integrable discretization: Hamiltonian approach. A skeleton of the book
preprint479.ps.gz (357 kB)
(478) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo and A. Fring:
Renormalization group flow with unstable particles
preprint478.ps.gz (154 kB)
(477) F. Belgun:
The Einstein-Dirac equation on Sasakian 3-manifolds
preprint477.ps.gz (73 kB)
(476) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo and A. Fring:
Identifying the operator content, the Homogeneous Sine-Gordon models
preprint476.ps.gz (193 kB)
(475) H. Schulz-Baldes, J. Kellendonk, Th. Richter:
The Edge current channels and Chern numbers in the integer quantum Hall effect
To be published in Comm. Math. Phys. (to appear)
preprint475.ps.gz (237 kB)
(474) Tim Hoffmann:
Discrete Hashimoto surfaces and a doubly discrete smoke ring flow
preprint474.ps.gz (741 kB)
(473) R Schrader:
Perron-Frobenius theory for positive maps on trace
preprint473.ps.gz (79 kB)
(472) J. F. Brasche, M. M. Malamud, H. Neidhardt:
Weyl function and spectral properties of self-adjoint extensions
preprint472.ps.gz (40 kB)
(471) Felipe Leitner:
Twistor Spinors and Normal Cartan Connections in Conformal Geometries
preprint471.ps.gz (126 kB)
(470) Vadim Kostrykin and Robert Schrader:
Global Bounds for the Lyapunov Exponent and the Integrated Density of States of Random Schrödinger Operators in One Dimension
preprint470.ps.gz (56 kB)
(469) Taimanov, I. A.:
Dirac operators and conformal invariants of tori in 3-space
preprint469.ps.gz (159 kB)
(468) A. I. Bobenko and T. Hoffmann:
Conformally symmetric circle packings. A generalization of Doyle spirals
preprint468.ps.gz (95 kB)
(467) T.-D. Albert, H. Boos, R. Flume, R. H. Poghossian, K. Ruhlig:
The Drinfel'd twisted XYZ model
preprint467.ps.gz (61 kB)
(466) R. Schrader:
On a quantum version of Shannon's conditional entropy
preprint466.ps.gz (100 kB)
(465) D. Lehmann:
Resummation of Feynman Diagrams and the Inversion of Matrices
No PostScript version available
(464) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring, C. Korff:
Form Factors of the Homogeneous Sine-Gordon models
preprint464.ps.gz (63 kB)
(463) A. Fring, C. Korff:
Large and small Density Approximations to the thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz
preprint463.ps.gz (109 kB)
(462) Frank Duzaar and Klaus Steffen:
Optimal interior and boundary regularity for almost minimizers to elliptic variational integrals
preprint462.ps.gz (281 kB)
(461) Catherine McCune and Masaaki Umehara:
An analogue of the UP-iteration for constant mean curvature one surfaces in hyperbolic 3-space
preprint461.ps.gz (833 kB)
(460) Catherine McCune:
Rational minimal surfaces
preprint460.ps.gz (8940 kB)
(459) A. H. Forrest, J. R. Hunton, J. Kellendonk:
Projection Quasicrystals III: Cohomology
preprint459.ps.gz (103 kB)
(458) P. Kargaev, E. Korotyaev:
Inverse problems generated by conformal mappings on complex plane with parallel slits
preprint458.ps.gz (270 kB)
(457) Evgeni Korotyaev:
Inverse Problem and Estimates for Periodic Zakharov-Shabat systems
preprint457.ps.gz (142 kB)
(456) A. Bovier, M. Eckhoff, V. Gayrard, M. Klein:
Metastability in stochastic dynamics of disordered mean-field models
preprint456.ps.gz (181 kB)
(455) Michael Eckhoff und Markus Klein:
Long time behavior of one-dimensional stochastic dynamics
preprint455.ps.gz (166 kB)
(454) Remi Leandre:
Quotient of a Loop Group and Witten Genus
preprint454.ps.gz (435 kB)
(453) Florin Alexandru Belgun:
Null-Geodesics in Complex Conformal Manifolds and the Lebrun Correspondence
preprint453.ps.gz (120 kB)
(452) Thomas Friedrich:
Solutions of the Einstein-Dirac Equation on Riemannian 3-Manifolds with Constant Scalar Curvature
preprint452.ps.gz (100 kB)
(451) Helga Baum:
Twistor and Killing Spinors in Lorentzian Geometry
preprint451.ps.gz (136 kB)

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