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(450) R. Todor, I. Chiose, G. Marinescu:
L^2-Riemann-Roch Inequalities for Covering Manifolds
preprint450.ps.gz (187 kB)
(449) A. I. Bobenko, U. Eitner:
Painlevé Equations in Differential Geometry of Surfaces
No PostScript version available
(448) Konrad Polthier and Eike Preuss:
Variational Approach to Vector Field Decomposition
Eurographics Workshop on Visualization, Springer Verlag 2000
preprint448.ps.gz (1675 kB)
(447) Konrad Polthier:
Mathematical Visualization and Online Experiments
Michele Emmer (Ed.) Matematica e Cultura 3 Springer Verlag 2000
preprint447.ps.gz (1370 kB)
(446) Konrad Polthier:
Conjugate Harmonic Maps and Minimal Surfaces
preprint446.ps.gz (385 kB)
(445) H. Baumgaertel, F. Lledó:
Dual group actions on C*-algebras and their description by Hilbert extensions.
preprint445.ps.gz (74 kB)
(444) A. Fring, C. Korff:
Colour valued Scattering Matrices
preprint444.ps.gz (51 kB)
(443) Thomas Friedrich:
New Solutions of the Einstein-Dirac Equation in Dimension $n=3$.
preprint443.ps.gz (47 kB)
(442) Klaus Jung:
The Adiabatic Theorem for Switching Processes with Gevrey Class Regularity
preprint442.ps.gz (143 kB)
(441) F. Burstall, D. Ferus, K. Leschke, F. Pedit, U. Pinkall:
Conformal Geometry of Surfaces in $S^4$ and Quaternions
preprint441.ps.gz (200 kB)
(440) Jochen Brüning:
Irregular Spectral Asymptotics
preprint440.ps.gz (89 kB)
(439) Felipe Leitner:
Zeros of Conformal Vector Fields and Twistor Spinors in Lorentzian Geometry
preprint439.ps.gz (115 kB)
(438) O.A. Castro-Alvaredo, A. Fring, C. Korff, J.L. Miramontes:
Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz of the Homogeneous Sine-Gordon models
preprint438.ps.gz (138 kB)
(437) Th. Friedrich:
Weak Spin(9)-Structures on 16-dimensional Riemannian Manifolds
preprint437.ps.gz (22 kB)
(436) Volker Buchholz:
A note on real killing spinors in weyl geometry.
preprint436.ps.gz (27 kB)
(435) M. Klein, E. Korotyaev:
Parametrization of Periodic Weighted Operators in Terms of Gap Lengths
weighted operator, inverse spectral theory, gap length
preprint435.ps.gz (71 kB)
(434) Frank Duzaar and Andreas Gastel:
Nonlinear elliptic systems with Dini continuous coefficients.
preprint434.ps.gz (55 kB)
(433) Florin Alexandru Belgun:
Null-geoNull-geodesics in complex conformal manifolds and the LeBrun correspondence.desics in complex conformal manifolds and the LeBrun correspondence.
preprint433.ps.gz (61 kB)
(432) C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, A. Fring and R. Schrader:
Stabilization not for certain and the usefulness of bounds
Proceedings of the ICOMP8 (October !999, Monterey (USA))
preprint432.ps.gz (55 kB)
(431) C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, A. Fring and R. Schrader:
Existence criteria for stabilization from the scaling behaviour of ionization probabilities
preprint431.ps.gz (38 kB)
(430) Joseph F. Grotowski:
Finite time blow-up for the Yang-Mills heat flow in higher dimensions
preprint430.ps.gz (109 kB)
(429) Joseph F. Grotowski and Pedro Paulo Schirmer:
On the Gribov Copy Problem for the Coulomb Gauge
preprint429.ps.gz (127 kB)
(428) Frank Duzaar, Andreas Gastel and Joseph F. Grotowski:
Partial regularity for almost minimizers of quasiconvex integrals
preprint428.ps.gz (133 kB)
(427) Thomas Quella:
Matrix difference equations for the supersymmetric Lie algebra spl(2,1) and the `off-shell' Bethe ansatz
preprint427.ps.gz (56 kB)
(426) A.V. Bolsinov and I.A. Taimanov:
Integrable geodesic flows on the suspensions of toric automorphisms
preprint426.ps.gz (114 kB)
(425) S. Yu. Slavyanov:
Isomonodromic Deformations of Heun Class Equations and Painlevé Equations
No PostScript version available
(424) W. Ballmann and J. Brüning:
On the Spectral Theory of Surfaces with Cusps
preprint424.ps.gz (193 kB)
(423) Andrei G. Bytsko:
Two-term dilogarithm identities related to conformal field theory
preprint423.ps.gz (92 kB)
(422) I.K. Babenko and I.A. Taimanov:
Massey products in symplectic manifolds
preprint422.ps.gz (172 kB)
(421) Michael J. Gruber:
Measures of Fermi surfaces and absence of singular continuous spectrum for magnetic Schroedinger operators
preprint421.ps.gz (76 kB)
(420) T. Hoffmann, J. Kellendonk, N. Kutz and N. Reshetikhin:
Factorization dynamics and Coxeter-Toda lattices
No PostScript version available
(419) Kefeng Liu and Xiaonan Ma:
On Family Rigidity Theorems II
preprint419.ps.gz (78 kB)
(418) Kefeng Liu and Xiaonan Ma:
On Family Rigidity Theorems I
Duke Math. J, to appear
preprint418.ps.gz (89 kB)
(417) Christoph Bohle:
Killing Spinors on Lorentzian Manifolds
preprint417.ps.gz (117 kB)
(416) J. Dorfmeister and U. Eitner:
Weierstrass-type representation of affine spheres
No PostScript version available
(415) H. Babujian and M. Karowski:
The Exact Quantum Sine-Gordon Field Equationand Other Non-Perturbative Results
preprint415.ps.gz (41 kB)
(414) Pablo Ramacher:
Modular Localization Of Elementary Systems In The Theory Of Wigner
preprint414.ps.gz (92 kB)
(413) J. Bellissard and H. Schulz-Baldes:
Subdiffusive quantum transport for $3D$-Hamiltonians with absolutely continuous spectra
preprint413.ps.gz (60 kB)
(412) H. Schulz-Baldes, J. Kellendonk and Th. Richter:
Simultaneous quantization of edge and bulk Hall conductivity
preprint412.ps.gz (77 kB)
(411) I. Guarneri and H. Schulz-Baldes:
Intermittent lower bound on quantum diffusion
preprint411.ps.gz (67 kB)
(410) Y. B. Suris:
The motion of a rigid body in a quadratic potential: an integrable discretization
No PostScript version available
(409) Dieter Klusch:
Wavelet Analysis on Manifolds I
preprint409.ps.gz (77 kB)
(408) Oleg Safronov:
Spectral shift function in the large coupling constant limit
preprint408.ps.gz (45 kB)
(407) J. Kellendonk and M. Lawson:
Partial actions of groups their globalisationsand $E$-unitary inverse semigroups
preprint407.ps.gz (68 kB)
(406) Franz Gähler und Johannes Kellendonk:
Cohomology groups for projection tilings of codimension 2
preprint406.ps.gz (47 kB)
(405) A. Fring, C. Korff and B.J. Schulz:
On the universal Representation of the Scattering Matrix of Affine Toda Field Theory
preprint405.ps.gz (192 kB)
(404) Sergey I. Agafonov and Alexander I. Bobenko:
Discrete $Z^gamma$ and Painlevé equations
preprint404.ps.gz (145 kB)
(403) Alexander I. Bobenko:
Exploring Surfaces through Methods from the Theory of Integrable Systems. Lectures on the Bonnet Problem
preprint403.ps.gz (152 kB)
(402) H. Grundling and F. Lledo:
Local quantum constraints
preprint402.ps.gz (169 kB)
(401) H. Baumgärtel, M. Jurke and F. Lledo:
Twisted duality of the CAR-Algebra
preprint401.ps.gz (99 kB)

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