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(400) Jochen Brüning and Matthias Lesch:
On boundary value problems for Dirac type operators. I. Regularity and self-adjointness
preprint400.ps.gz (159 kB)
(399) Thomas Friedrich and Eui Chul Kim:
Some Remarks on the Hijazi Inequality and Generalizations of the Killing Equation for Spinors
preprint399.ps.gz (99 kB)
(398) A. I. Bobenko and Y. B. Suris:
Discrete Lagrangian reduction, discrete Euler-Poincare equations, and semidirect products
Letters in Math. Phys., 1999, to appear
preprint398.ps.gz (99 kB)
(397) J. Kellendonk and M. Lawson:
Tiling semigroups
preprint397.ps.gz (62 kB)
(396) A.H. Forrest, J.R. Hunton and J. Kellendonk:
Projection Quasicrystals II: Versus Substitution Tilings
preprint396.ps.gz (136 kB)
(395) H. Forrest, J. R. Hunton and J. Kellendonk:
Cohomology of canonical projection tilings
preprint395.ps.gz (171 kB)
(394) Bert Schroer:
Modular Theory and Eyvind Wichmann's Contributions to modern Particle Physics Theory
preprint394.ps.gz (73 kB)
(393) Michael Duetsch and Bert Schroer:
Massive Vectormesons and Gauge Theory
preprint393.ps.gz (236 kB)
(392) Evgeni Korotyaev:
Inverse problem for periodic weighted operators
preprint392.ps.gz (79 kB)
(391) Ilka Agricola:
Invariante Differentialoperatoren und die abstrakte Frobenius-Zerlegung einer glatten G-Varietät
preprint391.ps.gz (197 kB)
(390) Thomas Richter and Ruedi Seiler:
Geometric properties of transport in quantum hall systems
preprint390.ps.gz (193 kB)
(389) Frank Duzaar and Joseph F. Grotowski:
Partial regularity for nonlinear elliptic systems
preprint389.ps.gz (129 kB)
(388) Evgeni Korotyaev:
Periodic weighted operators
preprint388.ps.gz (91 kB)
(387) Oleg Safronov:
The discrete spectrum of perturbed selfadjoint operators under non-signdefinite perturbations with a large coupling constant
preprint387.ps.gz (69 kB)
(386) Masahito Toda:
Representation of finite groups and the first Betti number of branched coverings of a universal borromean orbifold
preprint386.ps.gz (253 kB)
(385) H. Baumgärtel:
Group actions on C*-algebras and their description by Hilbert C*-extensions
preprint385.ps.gz (77 kB)
(384) Eui Chul Kim and Thomas Friedrich:
The Einstein-Dirac Equation on Riemannian Spin Manifolds
preprint384.ps.gz (209 kB)
(383) H. Baumgärtel:
Actions of finite abelian groups on abelian C*-algebras Z: Second cohomology and description by C*-extensions F supset Z
preprint383.ps.gz (67 kB)
(382) Thomas Friedrich:
A geometric estimate for a periodic Schrödinger operator whose potential is the curvature of a spherical curve
preprint382.ps.gz (76 kB)
(381) Tim Hoffmann:
On the equivalence of the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation and the discrete isotropic Heisenberg magnet
preprint381.ps.gz (91 kB)
(380) Bert Schroer:
Test of new Nonperturbative Concepts in d=1+1 Factorizing Models of QFT
preprint380.ps.gz (96 kB)
(379) Bert Schroer:
Basic Quantum Theory and Measurement from the Viewpoint of Local Quantum Physics
preprint379.ps.gz (69 kB)
(378) Johannes Kellendonk:
Tilings, C*-algebras and K-theory
preprint378.ps.gz (122 kB)
(377) G. Huisken and W. Klingenberg:
Flow of real hypersurfaces by the trace of the Levi form
No PostScript version available
(376) W. Klingenberg:
Real hypersurfaces in Kähler manifolds II
No PostScript version available
(375) Michael J. Gruber:
Bloch Theory and Quantization Classes
preprint375.ps.gz (180 kB)
(374) K. Polthier and M. Schmies:
Geodesic Flow on Polyhedral Surfaces
No PostScript version available
(373) Rolf Sulanke:
Möbius invariants for pairs of spheres
preprint373.ps.gz (96 kB)
(372) A. Fring, C. Korff and B.J. Schulz:
The ultraviolet Behaviour of Integrable Quantum Field Theories, Affine Toda Field Theory
preprint372.ps.gz (226 kB)
(371) A.G. Bytsko and A. Fring:
A Note on ADE-Spectra in Conformal Field Theory
preprint371.ps.gz (62 kB)
(370) Felipe Leitner:
Twistorial constructions of spacelike surfaces in Lorentzian 4-manifolds
preprint370.ps.gz (159 kB)
(369) D. Grieser and M. Lesch:
On the $L^2$--Stokes theorem and Hodge theory for singular algebraic varieties
preprint369.ps.gz (64 kB)
(368) Jochen Brüning and Matthias Lesch:
Spectral theory of boundary value problems for Dirac type operators
preprint368.ps.gz (62 kB)
(367) Y. B. Suris:
Miura transformations for Toda-type integrable systems, with applications to the problem of integrable discretizations
preprint367.ps.gz (197 kB)
(366) Boris A. Springborn:
The Toy Top, and Integrable System of Rigid Body Dynamics
preprint366.ps.gz (149 kB)
(365) B. Schroer and H.-W. Wiesbrock:
Modular Constructions of Quantum Field Theories with Interactions
preprint365.ps.gz (90 kB)
(364) B. Schroer and H.-W. Wiesbrock:
Looking beyond the Thermal Horizon: Hidden Symmetriesin Chiral Models
preprint364.ps.gz (62 kB)
(363) Volker Buchholz:
Spinor Equations in Weyl Geometry
preprint363.ps.gz (110 kB)
(362) T. Friedrich and A. Trautman:
Spin spaces, Lipschitz groups, and spinor bundles
preprint362.ps.gz (128 kB)
(361) I. Agricola, B Ammann and T. Friedrich:
A comparison of the eigenvalues of the Dirac and Laplace operator on the two-dimensional torus
preprint361.ps.gz (182 kB)
(360) A.L. Onishchik:
Non-abelian cohomology and supermanifolds
preprint360.ps.gz (191 kB)
(359) V. Bach, J. Fröhlich and I.M. Sigal:
Spectral Analysis for Systems of Atoms and Molecules coupled to the Quantized Radiation Field
preprint359.ps.gz (208 kB)
(358) I. K. Babenko and I. A. Taimanov:
On nonformal simply connected symplectic manifolds
preprint358.ps.gz (107 kB)
(357) Martin Bordemann, Nikolai Neumaier, Markus Pflaum and Stefan Waldmann:
On representations of star product algebras over cotangent spaceson Hermitian line bundles
preprint357.ps.gz (160 kB)
(356) Ines Kath:
Parallel Pure Spinors on Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds
preprint356.ps.gz (117 kB)
(355) W. Klingenberg:
Simple polygons on surfaces of genus 0
No PostScript version available
(354) B. Schroer:
QFT at the Turn of the Century: old principles with new concepts
preprint354.ps.gz (102 kB)
(353) B. Schroer:
The Pivotal Role of Causality in Local Quantum Physics
preprint353.ps.gz (128 kB)
(352) B. Schroer and H.-W. Wiesbrock:
Modular Theory and Geometry
preprint352.ps.gz (75 kB)
(351) Jean-Marie Barbaroux and Hermann Schulz-Baldes:
Anomalous quantum transport in presence of self-similar spectra
preprint351.ps.gz (102 kB)

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