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(350) D. Lehmann:
The Global Minimum of the Effective Potential of the Many-Electron System with Delta-Interaction
No PostScript version available
(349) M. Shubin:
Classical and quantum completeness for the Schrödinger operators on non-compact manifolds
preprint349.ps.gz (52 kB)
(348) J. Brüning and V. A. Geyler:
The spectrum of periodic point perturbations and the Krein resolvent formula
preprint348.ps.gz (52 kB)
(347) F. Duzaar and J. F. Grotowski:
Existence and Regularity for higher dimensional H-systems
preprint347.ps.gz (149 kB)
(346) C. Korff, G. Lang and R. Schrader:
Two-particle scattering theory for anyons
preprint346.ps.gz (317 kB)
(345) A.I.Bobenko and Yu.B.Suris:
Discrete time Lagrangian mechanics on Lie groups, with an application to the Lagrange top
preprint345.ps.gz (212 kB)
(344) C. Figueira de Morisson Faria, A. Fring and R. Schrader:
Analytical Treatment of Stabilization
preprint344.ps.gz (73 kB)
(343) A. G. Bytsko and A. Fring:
Factorized Combinations of Virasoro Characters
preprint343.ps.gz (145 kB)
(342) A. Friedrich, K. Polthier and M. Schmies:
Interpolation of Triangle Hierarchies
preprint342.ps.gz (820 kB)
(341) J. Brüning and V. A. Geyler:
On the spectrum of gauge periodic point perturbations on the Lobachevsky plane
preprint341.ps.gz (71 kB)
(340) A. Forrest, J. Hunton and J. Kellendonk:
Projection Quasicrystals I: Toral Rotations
preprint340.ps.gz (158 kB)
(339) K. Kenmotsu and D. Zhou:
Classification of surfaces with parallel mean curvature vector in two dimensional complex space form
No PostScript version available
(338) G. Böhm, F. Nill and K. Szlach'anyi:
Weak Hopf Algebras I: Integral Theory and C*-structure
preprint338.ps.gz (147 kB)
(337) V. Kostrykin and R. Schrader:
One-Dimensional Disordered Systems and Scattering Theory
preprint337.ps.gz (298 kB)
(336) Y. M. Pis'mak:
Simple model of self-organized biological evolution as a completely integrable dissipative system
preprint336.ps.gz (67 kB)
(335) F. Nill, K. Szlach'anyi and H.-W. Wiesbrock:
Weak Hopf Algebras and Reducible Jones Inclusions of Depth 2. I: From Crossed products to Jones towers
preprint335.ps.gz (296 kB)
(334) F. Nill:
Axioms for Weak Bialgebras
preprint334.ps.gz (239 kB)
(333) B. G. Konopelchenko and U. Pinkall:
Projective generalizations of Lelieuvre's formula
preprint333.ps.gz (103 kB)
(332) I. Guarneri and H. Schulz-Baldes:
Lower bounds on wave packet propagation by packing dimensions of spectral measures
preprint332.ps.gz (117 kB)
(331) C. Ahn and C. Rim:
Boundary Flows in general Coset Theories
preprint331.ps.gz (127 kB)
(330) I. Agricola and T. Friedrich:
Upper bounds for the first eigenvalue of the Dirac operator on surfaces
preprint330.ps.gz (88 kB)
(329) J. Kellendonk:
Exact Spectral Values for Discrete Quantum Pendulum-Integrals
preprint329.ps.gz (201 kB)
(328) V. Kostrykin and R. Schrader:
Kirchhoff's Rule for Quantum Wires
preprint328.ps.gz (196 kB)
(327) K. Polthier and M. Schmies:
Straightest Geodesics on Polyhedral Surfaces
preprint327.ps.gz (1070 kB)
(326) H. Babujian, A. Fring, M. Karowski and A. Zapletal:
Exact Form Factors in Integrable Quantum Field Theories: the Sine-Gordon Model
preprint326.ps.gz (254 kB)
(325) A. I. Bobenko and R. Seiler (Eds.):
Discrete Integrable Geometry and Physics
In: A.I. Bobenko, R. Seiler (eds.) <a href="/Publications/books.html">Discrete Integrable Geometry and Physics</a>, Oxford University Press 1999, pp. vii-xxvii
preprint325.ps.gz (82 kB)
(324) A. Zapletal:
Difference Equations and Highest Weight Modules of Uq[sl(n)]
preprint324.ps.gz (83 kB)
(323) J. Links, A. Foerster and M. Karowski:
Bethe ansatz solution of a closed spin 1 XXZ Heisenberg chain with quantum algebra symmetry
preprint323.ps.gz (56 kB)
(322) M. Lesch and M. M. Malamud:
The inverse spectral problem for first order systems on the half line
preprint322.ps.gz (103 kB)
(321) I. Guarneri and H. Schulz-Baldes:
Upper bounds for quantum dynamics governed by Jacobi matrices with self-similar spectra
preprint321.ps.gz (122 kB)
(320) E. V. Ferapontov:
Surfaces with flat normal bundle: an explicit construction
preprint320.ps.gz (122 kB)
(319) T. Kunstmann:
Spectral properties of the Dirac operator on pseudo-Riemannian space forms
preprint319.ps.gz (250 kB)
(318) E. V. Ferapontov:
Stationary Veselov-Novikov equation and isothermally asymptotic surfaces in projective differential geometry
preprint318.ps.gz (80 kB)
(317) I. Agricola and T. Friedrich:
The Gaußian Measure on Algebraic Varieties
preprint317.ps.gz (68 kB)
(316) E. V. Ferapontov and W. K. Schief:
Surfaces of Demoulin: Differential Geometry, Bäcklund Transformation and Integrability
preprint316.ps.gz (193 kB)
(315) A. I. Bobenko and A. V. Kitaev:
On Asymptotic Cones of Surfaces with Constant Curvature and the Third Painlevé Equation
Manuscripta math. 97 (1998) 489-516
preprint315.ps.gz (402 kB)
(314) F. Leitner:
The twistor space of a Lorentzian manifold
preprint314.ps.gz (252 kB)
(313) H. Baum:
Twistor spinors on Lorentzian symmetric spaces
preprint313.ps.gz (108 kB)
(312) A. I. Bobenko, B. Lorbeer and Y. Suris:
Integrable discretizations of the Euler top
J. Math. Phys. 39:12 (1998) 6668-6683
preprint312.ps.gz (350 kB)
(311) A. G. Bytsko and A. Fring:
Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz with Haldane Statistics
preprint311.ps.gz (166 kB)
(310) A. I. Bobenko and U. J. Hertrich-Jeromin:
Orthogonal nets and Clifford algebras
preprint310.ps.gz (101 kB)
(309) A. Strasburger:
Class Operators as Intertwining Maps into the Group Algebra
preprint309.ps.gz (110 kB)
(308) B. Schroer:
Modular Wedge Localization and the d=1+1 FormfactorProgram
preprint308.ps.gz (147 kB)
(307) B. G. Konopelchenko and U. Pinkall:
Integrable deformations of affine surfaces via Nizhnik-Veselov-Novikov equation
preprint307.ps.gz (70 kB)
(306) V. Kostrykin and R. Schrader:
Scattering Theory Approach to Random Schrödinger Operators in One Dimension
preprint306.ps.gz (195 kB)
(305) B. Schroer:
Coincidences between M(atrix) Theory and algebraic QFT?
preprint305.ps.gz (118 kB)
(304) K. Jung:
Phase Space Tunneling for Operators with Symbols in a Gevrey Class
preprint304.ps.gz (119 kB)
(303) Th. Friedrich:
Cartan Spinor Bundles on Manifolds
preprint303.ps.gz (44 kB)
(302) I. A. Taimanov:
The Weierstrass representation of spheres in <B>R</B>^3, the Willmore numbers, and soliton spheres
preprint302.ps.gz (142 kB)
(301) I. Agricola:
Covering groups of the gauge group for the standard elementary particle model
preprint301.ps.gz (96 kB)

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