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Java Tools
Experimental Mathematics


jtem is a collection of mostly mathematical tools and algorithms implemented in Java.

The libraries include a wide range from complex numbers to theta-functions, basic linear algebra and adaptive ODE solvers. jtem also provides you with some useful applications like JTerm, a swing component that roughly has the look and feel of a Unix shell window, and JDvi, a viewer for TeX's generic output format known as dvi, which comes as an application and as an applet to place dvi files on the web.

jtem is planned to be an open source project which is published under the GNU General Public License, this means that you can use the source code if you are willing to obey the license agreements.

31st August 2004: New project jgimmick added to jtem site.
23rd October 2003: New project mathExpr added to jtem site.
27th August 2003: Redesign of the mfc project. Now with over 30 additional interfaces and classes.
7th May 2003: Project specific email is now marked by prefix in subject.
29th April 2003: New design and automated management of the jtem site.
22th August 2002:
jtem is online!


JDvi (coming back soon)
jDvi is a viewer for TeX's generic output format known as dvi.


does not depend on other packages and was implemented using only primitive Java data types.
mathematical foundation classes is a wrapper for numericalMethods and supplies high level Java objects and methods.
basic linear algebra system is an extension of mfc for making linear algebra with vectors and matrices.
Moebius Viewer
is a viewer for 2D moebius geometry, e.g. points, lines, and circles in the complex plane.
provides you with classes for computing theta-funcions and soon for algebraic curves and Schottky uniformization.

About us

We are a group of mathematicians and programmers with a strong background in differential geometry and physics. For more than 10 years we have been developing tools for the visualization of geometrical objects and for experimental mathematics, using numerical methods. The setup of the "Sonderforschungsbereich Differentialgeometrie und Quantenphysik" provided an excellent environment for this work.

Your contribution is always appreciated! Send us an e-mail to the jtem address and we will contact you to discuss how your code can be integrated into the projects.

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