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Cover of Video Touching Soap Films Touching Soap Films
by Andreas Arnez, Konrad Polthier, Martin Steffens, and Christian Teitzel

This is a popular scientific video on minimal surfaces and soap films. All animations are computer generated. The english edition is distributed by Springer Verlag starting in June 1999. MPEG clips from the video are now available at Springer. The german edition Palast der Seifenhäute is available through Bild der Wissenschaft and Komplett-Media. Length 41 min. (1995)

Cover of Video Geodesics and Waves Geodesics and Waves
by Konrad Polthier, Markus Schmies, Martin Steffens, and Christian Teitzel

The video documents recent work on discrete geodesics and their application to numerical problems on curved surfaces and visualization algorithms. It premiered at Siggraph'97 Electronic Theater,  received the Science Award of the Multimedia Grand Prix (Nicograph'97) in Japan, and was awarded at other festivals. Length 4:50 min. (1997)

Cover of VideoMath Cassette VideoMath Festival Cassette
Edited by Hans-Christian Hege and Konrad Polthier

This is a collection of juried mathematical videos presented at ICM'98, the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin. The Videos are winners of a worlwide competition and the mathematical themes include problems in topology and geometry and their recent solutions, visualizations of classical ideas of Archimedes, Eratosthenes, Pythagoras, and Fibonacci, topics in high school mathematics, and applications of modern numerical methods to real world simulations. Length 76 min. (1998)

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