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JavaView is a 3D geometry viewer and numerical software library written in Java. It allows the inclusion of 3D geometries in any HTML document, and the presentation and publication of interactive numerical experiments on the internet.

JavaView is a numerical software library with special focus on problems in differential geometry. Its class library can be used and extended for carrying out numerical experiments in Java, which profit from the advanced 3D visualization capabilities and web integration.

jtem Logo jtem

jtem is a collection of mostly mathematical tools and algorithms implemented in Java.

The libraries include a wide range from complex numbers to theta-functions, basic linear algebra and adaptive ODE solvers.
jtem also provides you with some useful applications like JTerm, a swing component that roughly has the look and feel of a Unix shell window, Oorange - a powerful environment designed for experimental mathematics and general interactive Java programming, and JDvi, a viewer for TeX's generic output format known as dvi, which comes as an application and as an applet to place dvi files on the web.

jDvi Logo JDvi

jDvi is a dvi file viewer written in java. At the moment jDvi comes in three flavours:

JDvi - the application
A dvi file viewer that can be used much like any other dvi file viewer.

JDviApplet - the applet
An applet that makes it possible to show dvifiles in webpages.

JDviViewerPanel - the component
A java panel that can be used in any java application to show dvi files.

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