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How to deposit Sfb preprints on the web server

1. Your preprint has to be send to us in postscript format. Assume your preprint is contained in a LaTeX file named : MyWork.tex. After LaTeXing it twice and after having typed the command dvips MyWork.dvi you will hold a file named MyWork.ps in your directory. The suffix .ps means that MyWork.ps is now in postscript format.

2. You should also send an ASCII file containing the abstract of your preprint. Usually any text editor like vi or emacs produces a file which is in ASCII format. Please write an ASCII file with the following contents:
  1. Your name, initials and your email adress
  2. The title of your preprint
  3. The exact reference, if your preprint had been already published somewhere
  4. The abstract of your preprint.
3. The postscript file containing the preprint as well as the ASCII file containing the abstract should be called after your last name Assume your name is Albert Kovalev. You can rename your files by using the command:

unix% cp MyWork.ps A_Kovalev.ps.

This means that you copied MyWork.ps into a file called A_Kovalev.ps. Please copy your ASCII file into a file correspondingly called A_Kovalev.abs. the suffix .abs tells us that this file contains your abstract.

4. Send the two files as attachments via e-mail to preprints@sfb288.math.tu-berlin.de.

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